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Toddler ProgramToddlers:  (18 months – 36 months)

These are crucial years for your child.  Children are learning to be independent and want to have more freedom in their exploration and ability to make choices.  We provide a safe, clean, and fun environment where toddlers are given the opportunity to actively explore and be a part of their world by touching, hearing, moving, seeing and feeling what is around them. 


We make each day a fun day, full of adventure, discovery and play.  There is time for snuggling or quiet activities, as needed.  Our program strives to meet the needs of your family and child.  Open communication is encouraged in order to work together as a team for the overall best development of children in our care.


 The program includes:


Large Motor Activities:  Manipulating, climbing, running, walking, pushing, pulling and generally learning how to manipulate their bodies and objects.  We have an outdoor play yard large enough to accommodate a toddler's need to explore and work on their large motor skills.


Language Skills:  Reading together, making music, singing songs, performing finger plays, creating rhymes, and making sounds are all a part of language skills and communication with adults and other children.


CICC Preschool Sensory Activities:  Exploration of the world around a child with sensory tables and activities including: water, sand, play dough, different textures, tastes, smells and patterns. 


Dramatic Play Activities:  Emerging and developed interest in dramatic play activities: dolls, stuffed animals, kitchen, house and imitation.


Cognitive Experiences:  Cause and effect, solving problems, object permanence, patterning, collecting, and classifying.


Social Experiences:  Being in groups, communicating with children and adults, and experiencing different types of play.