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Open Swim – Pool is available for anyone.  Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult.

Family Swim – Pool is available for families to enjoy.


Pool Rules

Pool Bands – any member or guest using the pool must first check in and receive a CICC wrist band.

Walk Cautiously to avoid slipping and falling.  Wet surfaces are hazardous.  Use pool at your own risk.  CICC Wellness Center is not responsible for accidents or injuries.

NO Running or dangerous horseplay (dunking or pushing) on the deck, in the pool or in the restrooms.

NO Diving in the pool.  Diving is only permitted during swim lessons.

Lane Dividers – No sitting on, hanging on or climbing over lane dividers.  Lanes are for lap swimming only – not recreational swimming.

NO Glass Containers around pool area.  Drinks must be in plastic containers.  Alcohol is not permitted on the premises.  Please place garbage in garbage cans.

NO Smoking, chewing tobacco or spitting on CICC Wellness Center property.

NO Cut-offs – all shorts must be hemmed.

Pool Usage Restrictions – Be respectful of others, if a lap swimmer is using a lane, do not enter the lane until they are finished lap swimming.  No recreational swimming in lanes.  Use of pool is strictly prohibited during electrical storms.  Pool may be closed at any time, for cleaning or CICC-organized activities.

Pool Closes at 9pm sharp.  All members are required to vacate the pool area by 9pm sharp.  No exceptions.  Winter hours, pool closes at 8:00pm.  No exceptions.

Children Swim Policies – CICC wrist bands mandatory for all guests

Ages 5 and under:  Parental supervision required at all times; parent must be on the pool deck or in the pool with child.  Tight fitting swim diapers are required.

Ages 6 to 13:  Parental supervision required at all times; parent must be on the pool deck at all times.

Ages 14 to 17:  Parental supervision not required, yet encouraged.  Use pool at your own risk.  Must stay out of lanes unless lap swimming.  Life jackets are encouraged for smaller children, or those that do not swim well.  Anyone misbehaving may be required to exit the facility.  Don’t put your membership in jeopardy, offenders risk termination of membership.

Guest Policy – all guests must register at the front desk.  All guests must sign a guest agreement and pay guest fees before using the facility.

Management reserves the right to deny use of pool to anyone at anytime.