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Colusa Indian Community
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Dear Friends:

Welcome to the website for the Cachil Dehe Band of Wintun Indians. We invite you to browse through the various sections on our site and learn about our tribe. We are excited that we have an opportunity to share our way of life with you and hope you learn more about our tribe by fully exploring our website.

You will see as you explore the site our tribe’s dedication to preserving our way of life through the Mission, Purpose and Values statements. Our tribe employs these statements in virtually every aspect of decision-making for both the tribal community and the greater Colusa community.


  • Be measurably healthier through education, prevention and effective treatment.
  • Have more high school graduates.
  • Measurably increase profitability of existing business enterprises and expand into additional economic enterprises.
  • Increase living family values in the Community.
  • Have available full spectrum educational programs functioning to heighten overall awareness of all citizens in the Community.
  • Instill a measurable difference in the feeling of safety and comfort in our environment.


“A Community united as one family focused on building our future that through education becomes healthy, has pride, respect for self and each other creating a path for our children.”


We believe in…

  • Life Balance
  • Open Communication
  • Youth Involvement
  • Integrity
  • Trust and Trustworthiness
  • Accountability
  • Commitment to the Family
  • Preserving our Heritage and Culture
  • Caring for our Elders
  • Members of a Larger Community
  • Safe, Comfortable Community

Thank you again for your interest in the Colusa Indian Community. We invite you for a first-hand visit and welcome the opportunity to learn more about us. You will leave with a better understanding of Colusa as well as our many unique and diverse facets that make up our culture, value systems and self-reliance achieved through Indian gaming.



Daniel Gomez